Church of Gichitwaa Kateri
Roman Catholic Church
Joins us for worship at 10am on Sunday


What difference does our ministry make? We are there in the midst of life’s most difficult moments, in the middle of the inner city helping people navigate their lives in a harsh and unforgiving world. We may not be cited by local news agencies, but without us a whole segment of our urban world will be left to struggle on their own without a face of the Catholic Church. I believe that we are exactly where Pope Francis wants the Church to be present.

So what are our priorities? Meeting the needs that come to us and nurturing a fragile parish toward health and wholeness, rooted in faith. It is the life of the community at the margins where some days there isn’t a lot to be hopeful about. We are there to believe in the American Indian community, to respect their efforts and to learn from generations of their wisdom, to see a world that is invisible to the majority populations and to represent the Roman Catholic Church that will listen and come to the aid of people who seek us out.



  • Regular Sunday liturgy, special feasts and memorials that are part of all parish life.
  • Pastoral Council
  • Religious education, a group of 10 teachers and about 25 children in grade school
  • Grandparents group with between 10-15 attending monthly
  • Cooperation with Frances Cabrini on religious education for first communion and Confirmation
  • Parish picnic. This is an annual event for the parish and a second shared event with Frances Cabrini
  • Fund raising for the Tekakwitha Conference. This is a monthly event.
  • Attendance at the annual National Tekakwitha Conference. This is an opportunity for American Indian Catholics to gather nationally to pray, discuss the issues that are pertinent
  • Members of our parish attended regional Tekakwitha Conferences in Sisseton and Grand Portage
  • Developed a repertoire of Ojibwa hymnody from Bishop Baraga in the 1830’s when he was bishop of the Great Lakes Basin
  • First communion
  • Baptism ( 518 baptisms since I began in 1989); 56 marriages only.
  • Each year we do a Halloween party for the kids inviting the wider community to participate. (Not held 2016 because of proximity to the Memorial of the dead.)
  • Tickets for Tots is a program that offers tickets to various sporting and cultural events for members of the parish, free.
  • Sobriety feast in Spring honoring years of sobriety


  • Regular canupa/opwaagan ( pipe ceremonies) during each week of Lent
  • Memorial of the dead which hosts about 110 people whose families have had deaths during the previous year
  • Gathering willow for our lodge
  • Gathering sage and other medicines like white cedar
  • Participation in the inipi or sweat lodge twice a year
  • Indian drum and dance monthly
  • Feasts
  • Naming ceremonies
  • Sun dance. Although we are not directly involved several members of our Sunday community are sun dancers.