Church of Gichitwaa Kateri
Roman Catholic Church
Joins us for worship at 10am on Sunday

The Church of Gichitwaa Kateri affirms that it is not exclusively or indissolubly bound to any race or culture. Yet it also affirms that it has always been part of specific cultures. When the Church enters a specific culture it begins with respect for that culture and its religious traditions, conduct and life. It looks for values that reveal the truth about life and the human condition: about the Gospel itself. It seeks out human behavior that favors a true culture of peace, the shared responsibility for all humanity, a readiness to promote the common good, the capacity of self-control and personal sacrifice. It looks for people with a capacity to forgive and to be forgiven which springs from love It seeks out those who promote living in dignity and above poverty, who speak out against injustice. It looks for a higher understanding of truth, goodness and beauty. It looks for a deep spiritual base. In this way the future of the Church itself and her mission is strengthened by the individual’s understanding of self and of their fundamental destiny in light of the redemption.


Joins us for worship at 10am on Sunday

Upcoming events


NoOverdose Town Hall

Lets gather at 5:30pm to learn and form partnerships to deal with the opioid epidemic in the community.

Black Elk, The Sacred Pipe

Wakan-Tanka, Grandfather, behold us! O Wakan-Tanka, Father, Behold us! On this great island there are two-legged ones who say that we will offer a pipe to you. On this day your promise will be fullfilled. To whom could one send a voice except to you. Wakan-Tanka, our Grandfather and father, O Wakan-Tanka, we ask you to be merciful to us. We say that our minds are troubled and that we need your help. In offering this pipe to you, we will offer our whole mind and body. The time has now come; we will soon go to a high place, and there we will cry for your aid. Be merciful to us!

O You four Powers of the universe, you winged ones of the air, and all the peoples who move in the universe-- you all have been placed in the pipe. Help us with the knowledge which has been given to all of you by Wakan-Tanka. Be merciful to us! O Wakan-Tanka, grant that we may have relatives; that we may be one with the four winds, the four Powers of the world, and with the light of the dawn. May we understand our relationship with all the winged peoples of the air. We will place our feet on the sacred earth of a mountaintop; may we receive understanding there; may our generations to come to be holy! All things give thanks to you, O Wakan-Tanka, who are merciful, and who help us all. We ask all of this of You because we know that you are the only one, and you have power over all things!